I think I've been attached to coffee too much. Yes.

I didn't realize that actually. I take coffee everyday. Sometimes more that one cup in a day. Coffee in the morning. Coffee with milk in the afternoon. And sometimes coffee again with milk and milo in the evening. So my body says I must have coffee everyday! I know it is not good to have it too much. They are all caffeine. So, some times I try to change the afternoon drink with plain water or hot tea. Its not really a bad thing as long as I already have coffee earlier, I mean in the morning or at least once a day.

Until recently, I had cough and sore throat. I can't take coffee in that condition, it will only make it worst. So, I didn't take coffee. I think it has been more that 5 or 6 days. Apparently my body response to it. I feel so tired, sleepy during the day, I could sleep on my desk just like during my school time. I need afternoon sleep everyday. And I sleep early at night. Leaving all my task and hoping I can continue the next day but it didn't happened.

And today, I feel pretty confident to take coffee again as I feel the sore throat has gone. So I did. I made a cup of good coffee with milk, and I can feel my brain suddenly feel fresher and no more sleepy eyes! Just like a miracle. O dear, now I am scared already. Am I addicted to caffeine? Please, please say no. >.<"

***another big cup of coffee for tonight.