O God, I left my works pending since last week, I don't know what is wrong with me. I am not the same Dilla kot..I turned lazier and lazier each day..few things happened recently, nothing important really. but somehow it influence me indirectly and cause more laziness in me..yes I know, I can get distracted too easily. sigh =.='
  • last saturday was hanish birthday party, and I met a few people. I seldom meet people from Desa recently. so yeah, i met and talk to few of the guests. the hottest topic we talked was about handbags. one of our friends just came back from france so she told us her experiences and everythign. and she even showed to us her LV tote bag. Do you know that the cheapest tote bag from LV can cost you 550euro?that is equal to RM2200 plus minus..well, i never cared about that before so i have no idea at all. hehe..and she said, you have to pay extra few hundred euros if you choose a bag with LV plate on it. huahuahua.. ok then we talked about Coach brand, Fossil etc. Ok since then, I couldn't focus on my work anymore. I kept thinking about Coach bags. I browsed here, I browsed there. From dawn to dusk back to dawn again...hehe.. and suddenly today, I heard from fb, US coach store is doing sale again, starting tonight! ho yeaaahhh at last! can do installment some more. ape lagi dilla..perempuan tetap perempuan ok!haishhh dpt satu pon jadilah.. haishhh hopefuly I can still squeeze my gaji for the handbag =.=' 
  • sufia is sick again. but this time is pretty bad. her body tempurature is still quite ok actually. 37-38 degree. not too bad. but what made me worry is she is having difficulty to breath with her nose blocked. its not runny nose. i think it is like a thick throat mucus or probably at the back of the sinus. so she is a bit cranky and tired. she couldn't sleep at night and makes her really tired during the day. this is the 3rd day, and not much improved.
  • with so much works to do, everythings pending. and I received another task to do today. nooooooooooo... 

***mane nak buat dulu nih???!

Pizza Mini

OK guys, whenever I talk about food I'll write in BM OK. I feel 'closer' if I write in BM..hehe Most of other time I'll write in English coz I seriously need to improve my silly English :D

Ini adalah kejadian malam ni..sebabnye barang nak masak sume dah xde..i mean barang kering. especially minyak masak langsung dah licin..hehe minggu ni mmg minggu kami beli barang kering kat Aldi so pandai2 la nak survive sementara nak tunggu Sabtu..

Oleh kerana ape pon xde..yang ada tepung and bahan basah je.. so aku terpaksa la masak benda2 berasaskan roti 'lagi'...kenape ku kate 'lagi'?sebab dalam minggu ni je ni 2nd time aku buat mende ni..hehe 1st time aritu mmg sebab teringin. yang kali ni sebab xde barang nak masak+nak memperabih frankfurt dalam peti..hehehe kat sini piza mane ada style ceni kan..yang halal sume style pak arab/lebanis sket kot..hadoiii

kalau anda2 dah biasa buat donut, anda2 pasti xkan rase buat piza ni susah..hehe sebab teknik nya same je..Tengok sini ye aku penah tulis pasal donut dulu..cuma untuk pizza mini daku suke gune tepung roti(high protein)..nanti base nye jadi lembuttt je macam roti..gebu gebas gitu..

Pizza Mini 
200g tepung roti
100ml air suam ++
 3g(or separuh bungkus) dry yeast
3sb gula
2sb susu tepung
1 sb shortening/butter
1/4st garam

Cara- teknik sama macam buat donut. Kacau yeast dengan air suam. Kacau rata tepung, gula, susu, garam and buat kolam kat tengah. Tuangkan campuran yeast kedalam tepung and kacau rata dengan tangan, masukkan shortening and terus uli. kalau rase tak cukup air/tepung boleh tambah sikit2 je..uli sampai licin and tak lekat kat tangan. Rehatkan 45minit. 
*Oleh kerana kat sini cuaca sejuk, jadi aku terpaksa guna taktik kotoq nak kasi doh tu warm(and yeast aktif). Aku masukkan dalam mixing bowl kecik, wrap kemas2 and letakkan dalam air suam panas dalam mixing bowl besar- macam teknik double boiling tu..

Frankfurt/sosej hiris2
Mix vege
Sos cili
Grated cheese
Telur-pukul sket

Cara - Bila doh dah naik, kuarkan dari bowl, tumbuk2 sket and uli lagi sekali. Pastu boley bahagikan kepada beberapa balls. Biasanye aku buat akan dapat 6biji saiz yang sedang2 and boley masuk dalam tray sekali harung.hehe...lepas dah buat bulat2, canai kasi leper and lipat sket tepi dia masuk ke dalam, gune hujung jari je..Kasi rehat sekejap. Dah boley la panaskan oven 180degree celcius. Sapu sket pizza base tu dengan telur. Oleh kerana telur pon dah habis licin, jadi aku sapu dengan susu+madu sket.Belasah je lah kan..nak kasi kilat je..huhu Lepas tu boley la tabur dengan frankfurt+sayur+cheese sket+mayo and sos. 

Bakar dalam 15minit or hingga masak. Oven aku amek mase 35 minit baru masak(oven I zaman batu punye huu)..kalau rase cam dah masak/dah perang boley tutup api and biarkan sekejap dalam oven kasi die perang lagi sket...

yang kali ni punye buat, aku tak tunggu perang sangat pon..sebab dah laki aku dah sampai rumah xsabo nak belasah aje lah..asalkan dah masak udah la..heee

***dah malam2 ni makan satu je ok..nanti terlebey sihat pulak..:D

Progress hari ini

Alhamdulillah..after almost 2 weeks, I go to uni again..hehehe..the reason is, I couldn't concentrate with my work and I think  better if I worked from home.

And after 3 weeks I went to see my SV again. he said, oh that's fine, I'd prefer it to be like this rather than you come every week but I am not really happy with the output...erkkkkk..;p

so, today's meeting is quite good, he accepted my opinion and I have to work harder.more 'constraints' need  to be tackled after this. Go Dilla!

***and to do list becomes longer.


aptb = ape pon tak boley! have you heard this quote before?hehehehe I think it came from one of our most recent local movies.

do you have any favorite quotes between you and your love ones??well, I do!!hahahahhaha

so today I want to  share with you guys our favourite quotes. most of the quotes basically were quoted from our cucu2 kat kampung when someone trying to give them dumb question or  just to make fun of them..:D we are atok and nenek ok. don't play2.. ;p

our cucu are mostly still in primary school now. they're small and funny too.

So these are their favourite quotes:
  • A'ah pasal??
  • Biau le kan..
  • Ada capa2 marah??!
  • Ada aku kesah??
We love to use these quotes just to make fun! 

For example:
My dear HB said: Mok, tetibe abg rase baju ni lawa pulak..
I will say:A'ah pasal?? (or simply "AAP??")

HB: tapi macam pendek sket ek lengan die?
Me: Biau le kan..(or simply "BLK")

HB: yang penting, baju ni lagi lawo dari baju mok, biar murah pon..
Me: Ada aku kesahhh?? (or simply "AAK??")

HB: apsal mok pilih baju yang tu?xcantik langsung la..
Me: Ada capa2 marah??!(or simply ACCM?)

And the conversation will end with cubitan bertalu2 yang sakit giler...wakakakkakakkaa...if you and and your husband are not as 'senget' as us, please don't try this at home..kihkihkih

***biau le kannn...;p


I am considering Nuffnang. OK ke eh?

***sape nak jawab tuh?


Five facts I learn tonight:

  1. Sandwich is a general name for anything made of bread(of any type of bread), with some filling inside and you can hold them, i.e. not necessarily using bread slice.
  2. Murtabak can be categorized into sandwich.
  3. Mindy from Masterchef Australia get through to the immunity test challenge after presenting her best shot in making murtabak tonight, which means she is so much better than me in making our own Malaysia food! (I have tried making roti canai only once, and I was not happy with the output)
  4. We can get a good a thin/crispy roti canai/muratabak in a very short preparation time. Most of the recipes I found require the dough to be rested  at least for 4 hours to be soft enough before  mencanai.
  5. Murtabak is pronounce as mur-te-bék when speaking in English..hehehehehhe

Mr aren : Lepas ni xde alasan lagi, abg balik keje satu jam boley request roti canai ok.
Mrs aren(my answer): Boleyyy....tunggu I bukak kedai mamak la eh..which is impossible because I am not a mamak..huahuahuhaua..roti canai segera mahu??!

***Mamak, roti canai une!Teh tarik une!

Sufia and new cucuk montot

Our parcel from kampung arrived a few days ago. So we decided to try Sufia's new cucuk montot ASAP. At first we were a bit worried it will hurt her anus even more. Even worst if if didn't work on Sufia. But, if we never try than we never know..

While I was busy cooking in the kitchen for our picnic tomorrow, Sufia started to show her crankiness.Normal signs when she wanted to poo. So I asked my dear hb ince' aren to try the suppository. Well of course at first he tried to find excuses, but I insisted to try it immediately. So, OK he agreed to help.

When ayah checked her nappy, Sufia already doing the poo-poo, but very small one and not looked like a hard stool. I know, her constipation problem has turned better, but she's now having a phobia to push the stool out, she's too scared it will hurt her bottom again. And she always choose to keep the poo for 2 or 3 days then only she will try to push it out, that's why its back to worse again.

[cucuk montot nan baru- just hoping that it is safe for kids]

OK, back to the story, ayah did as instructed on the packaging. Then he said, rasenye die dah sudah la ni, macam xde je. And he decided to change her nappy immediately, without waiting any longer. I said, yeke ayah?but apart from that, I did nothing. I immediately helped him clean the mess and everything.

After finished with the cuci2, ayah grab a clean nappy to put on her. Sufia was standing at the main hall that time, waiting for her ayah and she still merengek2 like wanting something. Then, suddenly something very unexpected happened!Noooooo...I shouted to ince' aren, ayahhhh!!!taik keluar!!!!, two, three, four big poos lying down nicely on the rug. Thank God, it happen on the rug, which is better than the permanent carpet. I was like...........................................for a while. Thinking of what I should  do next.

What a tragedy!! It worked too fast! Moral of the story, make sure she finish the poo first before sebok2 nak cuci. Hahahhaha

Then die buat muka xbersalah je.. sabo je.. huuhu ;p Ince' aren said to me, mok xnak amek gambo upload kat facebook ke?I was like...what the....hahaha dah xde keje ek?haha

***Alhamdulillah, happy with the suppository! We should have tried it earlier...

Sydney Stroll!

Hahahhaa this entry is suppose to be posted four or five months ago. But I was so busy(sometimes buat2 busy hehe) I forgot to write a post and it getting too old to be posted, so I just decided just to keep it safe in my memory and my computer memory. Hehehe..

But I received a request a few weeks ago by one of my reader to write down some of my journey in Sydney. I am sorry again, I forgot to write as soon as I can. So I hope this entry still can catch you before your exciting trip to Sydney. I try to write it as simple as I can cause you know it can be quite long.

Well OK to be frank, our trip was more like family visiting+city touring trip. Because you know my brother's family is still there so why not we pay a visit to them. Righto? So our visit were mainly hovering around Sydney CBD, so you might get boring with our trip story. Hehehhee

Sydney CBD is a really interesting but busy place, but don't worry public transports are everywhere so don't be afraid to get lost. But seriously, Sydney water attractions are reaaallyyy reaaaally beautiful! Trust me! ;) If you going to travel using public transports, please expect to do a lot of walking from station to station, but of course at the same time you'll get to enjoy the sight (pesanan penaja: please get yourself a good pair of shoes. Love your feet and body.. hehehe)For me, driving around CBD is not really a good option, it can cost you dollars just for parking. Wasting too much money!

First day(December 9, 2012):
To the Circular Quay and places around the quay, e.g. Sydney Bridge, Sydney Harbour, Darling Harbor(haha please don't ask me the difference coz I don't even know if there is any different-it probably the same). There are lots of attractions in that area, but since we have time limitation so we just chose randomly. We were accompanied by our brothers family, so we don't have to think too much about finding the train/bus stations :D

From the Quay, you can walk down the path to the beautiful Sydney Opera House. Don't forget to take a photo! ;) We spent quite some times in front of the building, we had some food by the water then we headed back to the quay.

From the quay, we catch a ferry to Darling Harbor, about 40minutes trip kot(eh yeke?lbey kurang la). It was quite an exciting experience on the ferry. Actually its just nearby, you can just walk if you want to, but we chose to save our energy after doing all the walking :D Then we bought tickets to Sydney Aquarium. Please bare in mind that to enter the place, there are specific sessions you must choose. So plan your journey accordingly. So my comment about the place? I was thrilled! The ticket price it quite affordable but the best part was to see happier faces of my niece and nephew.  The place is quite big and actually bigger than I thought. You can even say hi to dugongs too!Haha.

OK perut pon dah lapar, it almost 5pm and we were starving like death! I think I've lost kilos in Sydney ;p If you are looking for Malaysian food, I would like to recommend you to Cafe Kasturi, not so far away from the main attractions, but again you have to walk, or get a bus. If you want not-so-Malaysian food, you can try to find Nandos. Its not so easy to find Halal food if you are not local people, so I tried not to be fussy. But, this Cafe Kasture was not bad at all. We went there two times while we were in Sydney.See? ;)

[a view from the ferry]

[Opera House]
[the heroes]
[with the kids]
[above us]

Day 2(December 10, 2011)
On the 2nd day, we headed to the city again. But this time on our own. Ermm just to let you guys know, we are poor people so we don't know great places to do shopping. Our trip was just to enjoy the scenery and capturing photos :D

On day 2, we took a train to Market Street. And again, you can access a lot of beautiful attractions nearby. From there we went to Sydney Town Hall, Sydney Tower, St Andrews Anglican Church, Sydney - State Theatre. Some of them, we just took pictures from far away because some of the buildings are actually churches and we  were not really comfortable to enter the building. If you guys love architecture, please please go to Queen Victoria Building. Trust me, I was like 'mengaga' all the time in the building. Hehehe never expect it to be a shopping complex. A real classy shopping complex.

After doing the city-sightseeing, we went to Hay Market and then to China Town. These two places are just opposite each other. Hay Market is almost the same as Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne. You can find lots of souvenirs at very reasonable prices. If you are lucky enough, you can get good quality Sydney shirt from $4. Quite cheap eh? 
[Hay Market]
[China Town]

Day 3(December 11, 2011)
The 3rd day was the most exciting. We rent a car and went on a 2 hours trip to Blue Mountain. A legendary mountain that once said to turned into blue because of the herbs tree (if not mistaken) all over the mountain.  From the lookout point, we also can see Three Sisters Mountain, another legendary mountain by the aborigines. I don't know how to describe the place, there are just tooo beautiful.

And then, we headed to the Scenic World, still in Blue Mountain area. We ride on a SkyLine, and reached the Katoomba Waterfall area. This place really remind me about air terjun in Malaysia. Oh how I miss them! 

We then finished the journey by riding on Katoomba Scenic Train. If there is a word to describe the train, the word is... waaaaaaaaargggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. sooo scary!but fun! have to try it then you'll know what it feels like. We were so lucky cause it was the last train of the day! Woohooo...

Then, we drove home.
[at the Lookout point]
[celebrating Amna's Birthday!walaupun makngah 2 tanduk, tapi hati baik OK!haha]
[dancing yo!]
[at Katoomba Waterfall]
[Katoomba Scenic Train]

Day 4(December 12, 2011)
So sad, it was our last day in Sydney. We had to catch our flight back to Melbourne around 7pm. So of course we had to reach the airport earlier. 

So to complete the trip we spend a few hours driving around Bondi Beach!One of the must  go place in Sydney..hehehhe...It was summer day, so as expected the beach was full with half-naked and naked bodies. Hahahhahhaa...
[Membelah lautan manusia di Bondi Beach, ni kalau ada Tsunami ni...Nauzubillah]

OK. Thats all. Such a short but memorable trip. ^_^ Hope the writing will give you some ideas of places to go in Sydney.

Last but not least...
[my cheecky pinky fruit-heart]

***Try to write simple. But the outcome is not so simple :D

People make mistakes

And so do I. I admit it..

Haishhh if only I could turn back time. I am so really sorry, Sufia. Ibu makes mistake, please forgive ibu. Did I tell you  about her temper before?And about the constipation too? Well she still having it. Yup , I mean both.

And 30minutes ago I spanked her mouth(not so hard I think, but surely hurt her and her feeling a lot!) for crying out loud, without a reason. Well the truth is, she's been showing her swinging mood right after I moved my big ass from the sofa after we were done with her favorite cartoon(oo yes, it getting bigger recently, and I knew it.Huh!)

After trying a few times to calm her, she kept refusing. Haisshhh Sufia oh Sufia! Then OK I thought  she probably wanted to sleep, because it almost 8pm and she had afternoon nap quite early today. So I gave her bottle, but she didn't finish it. Well of course she won't finish it, she just had her dinner. Stupid me! =.=' 

Then, I let her sit on my lap while listening to YouTube with me. And I know, while I was browsing for some songs, she saw a few of her favorite cartoon in the history. And she probably wanted it. Then she started to be cranky again and cried her throat out. And then I started to become mak singa yang kelaparan and nak makan budak. I spanked her mouth a few times(Dilla!!She is not even 2). Pleaseeee think before you act! Because you are sooo wrong! the crying wasn't for the cartoon. But because she was going to had a poo. And she was so scared, it might hurt.

***Stupid me! I feel so really bad!Really..

Gastric flu

It has been a week(or two?ermm) but I am still down with gastric flu. But wait...I never had gastric flu before, so actually I am only guessing. Hehehehe..Please please don't be mad at me.

It all started last Friday, I mean 2 weeks ago. I felt so hurt on the left part of my stomach. If I could scream I'll scream. But I couldn't. And I know it won't help at all anyway. Then I felt dizzy and felt like to vomit. But I didn't and thanks to God it happened at night, it was Sufia's bed time, so I got time to rest on my bed.  I would love to ask anyone if it was a gastric flu. But, who should I ask? Leaving the question on Facebook wall wasn't a good option. I really don't want to invite any speculation that I am being pregnant again. Oh! I am so sick of it. Of course I want another baby, but by God will, I wish to wait until we are back for good. We didn't have any plan to have the second one here, please understand. =.=' OK, back to the main topic.

And the worse day was Monday last week. I went to Uni as usual. The only different was I was fasting on that day(hehe puasa ganti). Then, I felt the same again. But this time, the pain wasn't really as bad as before. Only that I couldn't stand the wind in my stomach. And I felt like the whole room was spinning. I really don't want to waste my half day efforts not taking any food and drinks so I just hold the pain till Maghrib. What I did was, I try to sleep. Hehe of course you know how we sleep on a working table right? And until today, I can still feel the pain though not as bad as before.

What do you think?Is it really a gastric flu?Should I go to the doctor and seek for help?I really don't want to think too much about it, but now it already disturbing my daily life =.='

***Haishh if only I have a doctor friend. I'll ask for free consultation. Huuu


Recently aku baca buku ni..hehe bukunye kecik je..and xdelah tebal mane pon..and tajuknye pon nampak sempoi kan? huuu tapi isinye penuh dengan Maths..aku takutttt tapi aku suke!heee..mesti kena biasakan diri dengan Math writing..chaiyo Dilla...

***its between YOU and YOU, Dilla..stay awake!