DiLLaiLa is such in a dillemma~ What to do?

I am suppose to attend Kursus Kenegaraan (a.k.a kursus BTN this coming July..Well tentatively on 9~13 of July, 09. Initially I was informed the course will be held on 2~6 July, but then there might be some changes done by the those who incharge this course(what is urusetia in english eh..i forgot..huhu)..

But, at the mean time my one and only brother will be going to Aussie within that period for PhD, which is on July, 12th. Enche' aren n I r suppose to bring my parents to the airport n of coz to say goodbye to my sweety cutie pie amna..warghh wat am I suppose to do babe??plz some one help me..isk isk isk.. Obviously I cannot postpone the BTN bcoz they'll block my name afterwards..owh no! no! no!.

So now I am completely blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....~

**D.i.L.L.a.i.L.a ~ oh dillaila..yang ko pening dulu apsal..??list nama yang kena BTN pon xkuar lagi..ahaks...hehehehe...


kew_chop June 30, 2009 at 4:07 PM

jadik cam aku jekla housewife takyah pikir2 pasal btn tu pn dila, hihihi ni ayat jeles sebenarnye..

DiLLaiLa June 30, 2009 at 4:40 PM

aku lagi jeles ngan ko mur..ko dapat g jepun...hukhuk..