feel like dotdotdot

There are times in my PhD journey, that I don't feel like doing anything. So, here I am. Writing 'nothing' in my precious blog. After I've done with my weekly meeting with Mr SV this morning, I do nothing..

Nothing?yup..really2 nothing.. from 11.30am this morning, what I did was youtubing, googling, ebaying, facebooking, blogging, and everything related to #wastingtimestuff...hehehhe..and I am really2 good at it....weeeeeeyyyy ^__^

So, today I got lots2 of information about where I can find cheap DVD in oz(ngehehe)..and about BB cream(yaaawww :D ) and I listened to Sara Baralleis albumS more that 3 times today..hehehe

ohohohoo being free is so nice and good eh..so, dilla you are really that 'free' aren't you? unfortunately I am NOT! I have tones of works I have to do and need to be completed by next week.. >.<

In this #sostressingmoment  hope I have my very own kitchen assistant a.k.a house assistant a.k.a bibik which will obviously(with Allah's will) help me reduce the stress level....iskkkk...(cemane student beranak 7 handle hidup ye?ermmm)

please blame my SV for giving me so many beautiful and colourful notes on my paper today...iyaaaaarrggghhhh(I wish I have a black belt!so that I can (__fill in the blank__) ouchhh!~

***balik ah.


daria February 2, 2012 at 6:12 PM


kite pun rasa yg sama sekarang. bezanya just nurul lama tak jumpa sv. kadang2 rasa fedap sangat buat bende nih. uhhh

DiLLaiLa February 2, 2012 at 9:56 PM

kannnn..nape la malas sangat ni ya Allah..kadang rasa marah dgn diri sendiri.. >.<