sufia and dermatitis..

poor sufia..kena dermatitis pulak..huk3..agak2 gatal x ye??hmm...actually i already notice about patches on her skin since a month ago...but i just dont wanna think too much about it...when i spoke to ince' aren he said that might be normal rashes for most babies..

but since a week be clear since we met our midwive for regular progress checkup , she informed that it might be dermatitis..well the name itself already made us worried obviously!..i know its actually a type of rash problem. but i just dont want it to get worst(as its now already worse!!)

last 2 days we met our GP...die kate yes it dermatitis..i can see those red patches...she asked the mommy(which is me!hehe  :-D  ) what type of bath time product we used for sufia?and we said j*h*son top to toe...dangg!!doktor kate that product xbp bgs..mengeringkn kulit baby yg she suggest us to stop using it..and she prescribed a cream for sufia...alhamdulillah nmpk kesan positive..

grrr...remuk hati aku rase...nape la degil sgt aku niii...nk juge guna product tu..actually since day one of sufia's life..kite mmg pakai sabun tu..but after 2 weeks she got very2 bad dry skin..and our midwive already told about how 'that' product will dry baby's we stop using it..and her skin recovered quite fast soon after that...

pastu last month we thought that sufia is now much stronger, i mean for her skin of we decided to start using it again..(dushhh dushhh dusshhh!!ketuk kepala sendiri dilla!!org dah kate degil juge..uwaaaaa) since then la kot yg dermatitis ni pulak datang...haihhh menyesal pon ada..  :-(

huk2..harap2 patches tu segera hilang...sori sufia..ibu yg salah...huk3... :-(

***sampi sekrg pon sufia lom pakai wangi2 lg...bau minyak yuyi je....huhuhu...xpelah nak...  :-)


kew_chop October 20, 2010 at 4:24 PM

cepat sembuh yea sayang..

liza October 21, 2010 at 12:28 AM

oo mmg johnson mengeringkan kulit eh.. ermm..

DiLLaiLa October 21, 2010 at 9:14 AM

thank umi murni! =)

liza: diorang kate camtu la..tapi maybe kebetulan pon memang xsesuai ngan kulit anak aku kot..