Award from Daria!

Hehehhe I dapat award hari ini..award from blog Nurrul@Daria la...tenkiu nurul sebab pilih blog ni! o yeaahhhh..maksudnye blog ni lovely la kan? kan? kan? heeee suke tau.. :D

tapi sebelum tu biasala kena jawab soklan dulu..;)

What is your favourite dessert?
Eemmm dessert..what is my favorite dessert? Haha actually I have no idea at all.Most of the time dessert are meant to be sweet. So I guess, I have no specific one that I favor. Yes, I like chocolate, I like cheese and sweet food. But I personally can't take to much of it at one time. My brain will say it sweet sweet and sweet and I will just stop eating it. Yes sometimes I'd love to have sweet stuff once in a while but I can't say that they are my favorite. But, if you really ask me to pick one, I'll say pulut and serawa durian. hehehe it is soooo yummm...and I think its the only one that I really want right now and I can finish bowls of it!

When you're upset, what do you do?
Firstly, I will cry like crazy, alone. Then I will try to get a sleep. After I wake up I will cry again in my solat. Read the quran, cry again. Talk to Allah, cry again. Go back to sleep. Take a few days off. Then InsyaAllah I'll be fine again.

What was your favourite pet?
Cats. Forever cats.

What do you prefer to wear, black or white?
I prefer white color, but since I lived here, I think more dark colors in my wardrobe. Haisshhhh..

What is your biggest fear?
If you asked me what is my biggest fear in my lifetime, I'll say Allah. Cause Allah has the ultimate power on me and everything I have today. The power on my another big fear; my family, my research, Allah please help me.. ;(

What is your attitude mostly?
I always in deeply worried and stress. Most of the time I show it in front of my husband, poor him. Sorry bee..hukhuk...I'd say most of the time when I meet people, I try as friendly as I can, but I always looked 'stiff' =.='

What is perfection to you?
Perfection means my husband and my kids.  And to have a place I call 'home' with my beloved family.

What is your guilty pleasure?
If my husband can quit his job now and stay at home for my Sufia. But at the same time, he can make money for us. Hahaha is it possible?

Hehe that's all. So now I'd love to pass this award to my friends. The award goes to Misz Maisarah and Kak Yam Mija..Hoping that they will read this post. Hehe...

*** ^o^