I miss summer days

If you guys ever think that I love winter and I love cold weather, please you guys are so wrong. I have very terrible feelings about winter days, except for the part that I am able to wear those cool and super-cool looking winter jackets that we can't even try back home in our country. O yeah of course I love the fact that I can wear jackets and looked neat and nice every time I go out, because people will never know what I wear inside the jacket. hehhee..so if I feel like going to market, I just need to grab my jacket, and put it on, and I dont have to change my PJs. haha see? :D

one particular thing  that make me really mad about cold weather is because of the chilblain. again and again. o yes I am getting quite OK in controlling my body temperature. I know what and when to wear clothes. and I know what and when I can eat or drink something whether it is hot or cold. most importantly I have to put on socks 24h/7d..Alhamdulillah nothing more I want other than that. 

But two days ago, suddenly it came back, and I was sleeping at that time. It was 2am in the morning. I had to get up and wash my feet to cool down the temperature. It already has turned blue and felt very hurtful in every steps I made to the bathroom. 15 steps I made felt like 150 steps. I couldn't sleep after that. The last time I checked the clock was at 4am. I felt sleepy again once the itchiness slowly gone.

People never really understand how it feels like. sometimes when I talked to people, they will sort of like, Dilla you were just exaggerating things, though they didn't say it but that probably what they had in mind. I have a problem wearing thick jacket in shopping mall, I can't just leave it on my body, just like other people do cause my feet can get really sweaty and turn extremely hot. And I have a problem sitting in my office with the heater's meter turned to more than what my body needed. It surely is unfair to other people in my office if I slow down the heater. So what I can do is just to get out of the room and that is so dreadful, really ;( That is why I chose to stay at home most of the times.

Oh I miss summer days, and I miss my country. and I am truly belong there.

And this little girl surely misses warm and cozy days too.

***8degree celcius. not cold enough for you, but is enough for me.