I sent an email to my bestbestfriends yesterday and I told them something great about perfumes in our local chemists. Just to let them know that we can get branded perfumes at very cheap prices here in Oz. But, most of them are EDT. EDP perfumes are still quite pricy here, but I think still cheaper compared to Malaysia.

I hope my friend won't get me wrong. I just love buying things, I mean to go shopping. Sometimes I don't have money to shop around for myself, but yeahh at least I can do shopping for my friends. Hehehehehe...

Talking about perfumes, suddenly make me wanted to count, how many bottles I have in my  collection. A small collection only hehe..There is one of my good friends here, she has more than 15 bottles of perfume i think. And I said to myself, err biar betol...huhu Actually I am not really into perfume. I do not use it everyday(not necessarily everyday, most of the time I don't use it). But, whenever I feel like it is a special event, I will make sure I spray it on a bit. Hehe..

So, here is my collection since 6 or 7 years ago. Most of the bottle still have more than half perfume inside it.

[Hugo Boss Femme, JLo Still, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, Avon Haiku, Bodyshop Chymara, Bvlgari Rose Essential]

My favorite of all is still BodyShop perfumes. Actually I have finished 3 bottles of BodyShop perfumes until now. I think they smell refreshing and quite affordable too. When I go to uni I'll use Elizabeth Arden. It is very cheap really. We can get it for $10-$15 during promotions. Most of  local chemists label it as summer perfume, because of the refreshing scent and probably nice to be used during hot day. But for me, 'ada-aku-kesah'. I love hot day more than cold day. So, I'll use whatever I think good for me. Hehe..Another perfume that I love is Haiku by Avon. Unfortunately I only have the roll-on. I am not sure if Avon still have Haiku nowadays.

The one on the box is Hugo Boss Femme, it is the first expensive perfume I have. I received it as a birthday present from my ex-boyfriend a.k.a my husband =D I keep the box coz he wrote something on the other side of the box. It is so sweet and I always keep it even it is just an empty box. I bought Bvlgari perfume few months ago for only $25 based on friends recommendation. Eventho I don't like as much as they do, but I never regret to have it. It is actually quite nice, but I just don't really like strong rosy scent from it. And last but not least is JLo-Still. I bought it for my wedding hantaran. Unfortunately my dear ince' aren don't really like it, and he said the smell is a bit too strong. He often call it as 'perfume Kundasang', simply because I used it a lot during out honeymoon in Kundasang.hahahaa

I am thinking to get Clinique- Happy or Dior Addict 2 after this. But of course I will wait for promotions. Who knows I can get it for $10 each ;p And I am thinking to get new perfume for ince' aren too.  He's being too loyal to Giogio Armani- Acqua DiGio for too long. I think more than 8 years kot. But, I don't know what will be good on him.

***beli tapi xpakai..errrrrr


MAI'sarah June 7, 2012 at 11:07 PM

kita pakai silkygirl jek :)

DiLLaiLa June 7, 2012 at 11:53 PM

hehe dulu zaman belaja lagi la akak xpakai ape pon siti..dah keje baru reti beli.. ;)

dilla nazri June 8, 2012 at 12:45 AM

Aku pakai flora by gucci skrg tp yg paling in ngan body aku, dkny apple hijau

DiLLaiLa June 8, 2012 at 12:48 PM

tu la mek, yang dkny apple hijau tu aku xpernah lagi test bau die..ramai org kate sedap..

@naAzli June 8, 2012 at 7:07 PM

ala wei aku pakai avon / body shop jer ..malas nak kesah yg mahal2..byk lagi mende aku nak beli.hikhik..ko bile nak balik lagi, leh kirim barang obersea dengan ko..tgu aku gi lambat lagi la jawab nye dilla oi..hehe