Sufia and new cucuk montot

Our parcel from kampung arrived a few days ago. So we decided to try Sufia's new cucuk montot ASAP. At first we were a bit worried it will hurt her anus even more. Even worst if if didn't work on Sufia. But, if we never try than we never know..

While I was busy cooking in the kitchen for our picnic tomorrow, Sufia started to show her crankiness.Normal signs when she wanted to poo. So I asked my dear hb ince' aren to try the suppository. Well of course at first he tried to find excuses, but I insisted to try it immediately. So, OK he agreed to help.

When ayah checked her nappy, Sufia already doing the poo-poo, but very small one and not looked like a hard stool. I know, her constipation problem has turned better, but she's now having a phobia to push the stool out, she's too scared it will hurt her bottom again. And she always choose to keep the poo for 2 or 3 days then only she will try to push it out, that's why its back to worse again.

[cucuk montot nan baru- just hoping that it is safe for kids]

OK, back to the story, ayah did as instructed on the packaging. Then he said, rasenye die dah sudah la ni, macam xde je. And he decided to change her nappy immediately, without waiting any longer. I said, yeke ayah?but apart from that, I did nothing. I immediately helped him clean the mess and everything.

After finished with the cuci2, ayah grab a clean nappy to put on her. Sufia was standing at the main hall that time, waiting for her ayah and she still merengek2 like wanting something. Then, suddenly something very unexpected happened!Noooooo...I shouted to ince' aren, ayahhhh!!!taik keluar!!!!, two, three, four big poos lying down nicely on the rug. Thank God, it happen on the rug, which is better than the permanent carpet. I was like...........................................for a while. Thinking of what I should  do next.

What a tragedy!! It worked too fast! Moral of the story, make sure she finish the poo first before sebok2 nak cuci. Hahahhaha

Then die buat muka xbersalah je.. sabo je.. huuhu ;p Ince' aren said to me, mok xnak amek gambo upload kat facebook ke?I was like...what the....hahaha dah xde keje ek?haha

***Alhamdulillah, happy with the suppository! We should have tried it earlier...


Nurrul Mohamad May 19, 2012 at 12:57 AM

Hahahhahaah lucuuu nya! Omg! Tu jadi kenangan berzamannnn

ikanbesh May 19, 2012 at 2:29 AM

montot sufi tetap nk ubat montot dari malaysia kot. btw ko tryla training toilet for baby kalo dia nk poo-poo maybe dia geli kot bende tu melekat kat bontot dia.. mcm anak buah aku

DiLLaiLa May 19, 2012 at 7:04 AM

nurrul: tu la..xpasal2satu rumah havoc, sufia punye pasal...adeh la..kelako..hahaha

zana: selagi die belom pandai cakap susah sket zana, hahaha xpasal aku bukak service carpet cleaning hari2 kang..hikhik

Nazariah May 19, 2012 at 10:59 AM

La, kesiannya sufia ek la...smpi kena pakai ubat bontot cmni...adeh, maklong pun pernah try tp agak x berkesan sbb mgkin xmasuk sgt kot...ekeke...xpelah la, kalau berkesan n x bahaya utk sufia guna je la...siannya dia xboleh berak. Kalau tggu 2~3hari, ta*k makin keras tau, maklong pernah baca n maklong pernah rasa juga...:)

DiLLaiLa May 20, 2012 at 1:19 PM

hihi tu la die kak..sebab die xtahan b*rak 2 3 hari tu yang jadi keras balik..kalau sebenarnye dah ok je..