O God, I left my works pending since last week, I don't know what is wrong with me. I am not the same Dilla kot..I turned lazier and lazier each day..few things happened recently, nothing important really. but somehow it influence me indirectly and cause more laziness in me..yes I know, I can get distracted too easily. sigh =.='
  • last saturday was hanish birthday party, and I met a few people. I seldom meet people from Desa recently. so yeah, i met and talk to few of the guests. the hottest topic we talked was about handbags. one of our friends just came back from france so she told us her experiences and everythign. and she even showed to us her LV tote bag. Do you know that the cheapest tote bag from LV can cost you 550euro?that is equal to RM2200 plus minus..well, i never cared about that before so i have no idea at all. hehe..and she said, you have to pay extra few hundred euros if you choose a bag with LV plate on it. huahuahua.. ok then we talked about Coach brand, Fossil etc. Ok since then, I couldn't focus on my work anymore. I kept thinking about Coach bags. I browsed here, I browsed there. From dawn to dusk back to dawn again...hehe.. and suddenly today, I heard from fb, US coach store is doing sale again, starting tonight! ho yeaaahhh at last! can do installment some more. ape lagi dilla..perempuan tetap perempuan ok!haishhh dpt satu pon jadilah.. haishhh hopefuly I can still squeeze my gaji for the handbag =.=' 
  • sufia is sick again. but this time is pretty bad. her body tempurature is still quite ok actually. 37-38 degree. not too bad. but what made me worry is she is having difficulty to breath with her nose blocked. its not runny nose. i think it is like a thick throat mucus or probably at the back of the sinus. so she is a bit cranky and tired. she couldn't sleep at night and makes her really tired during the day. this is the 3rd day, and not much improved.
  • with so much works to do, everythings pending. and I received another task to do today. nooooooooooo... 

***mane nak buat dulu nih???!


dilla nazri May 31, 2012 at 12:27 AM

Cuma berminat nak komen part 1 jerk..kehkehkeh same goes to me darl..pompuan tetap pompuan!!!

M@Ri@M May 31, 2012 at 10:34 AM

dila....akak also craving coach bag!!haha.boleh x nk ckp kt mija..mengidam nk pki coach.x dpt kang kempunan.hahaha.ari tu g JPO cm mahal sgt plak tu.nyesal tul x kirim kt ibu ms dia g london ari tu.aunty akak beli yg latest x sampai 1k pn kt sna.waarrgghh! perempuan tetap pompuan kn.hehe