aptb = ape pon tak boley! have you heard this quote before?hehehehe I think it came from one of our most recent local movies.

do you have any favorite quotes between you and your love ones??well, I do!!hahahahhaha

so today I want to  share with you guys our favourite quotes. most of the quotes basically were quoted from our cucu2 kat kampung when someone trying to give them dumb question or  just to make fun of them..:D we are atok and nenek ok. don't play2.. ;p

our cucu are mostly still in primary school now. they're small and funny too.

So these are their favourite quotes:
  • A'ah pasal??
  • Biau le kan..
  • Ada capa2 marah??!
  • Ada aku kesah??
We love to use these quotes just to make fun! 

For example:
My dear HB said: Mok, tetibe abg rase baju ni lawa pulak..
I will say:A'ah pasal?? (or simply "AAP??")

HB: tapi macam pendek sket ek lengan die?
Me: Biau le kan..(or simply "BLK")

HB: yang penting, baju ni lagi lawo dari baju mok, biar murah pon..
Me: Ada aku kesahhh?? (or simply "AAK??")

HB: apsal mok pilih baju yang tu?xcantik langsung la..
Me: Ada capa2 marah??!(or simply ACCM?)

And the conversation will end with cubitan bertalu2 yang sakit giler...wakakakkakakkaa...if you and and your husband are not as 'senget' as us, please don't try this at home..kihkihkih

***biau le kannn...;p