Five facts I learn tonight:

  1. Sandwich is a general name for anything made of bread(of any type of bread), with some filling inside and you can hold them, i.e. not necessarily using bread slice.
  2. Murtabak can be categorized into sandwich.
  3. Mindy from Masterchef Australia get through to the immunity test challenge after presenting her best shot in making murtabak tonight, which means she is so much better than me in making our own Malaysia food! (I have tried making roti canai only once, and I was not happy with the output)
  4. We can get a good a thin/crispy roti canai/muratabak in a very short preparation time. Most of the recipes I found require the dough to be rested  at least for 4 hours to be soft enough before  mencanai.
  5. Murtabak is pronounce as mur-te-bék when speaking in English..hehehehehhe

Mr aren : Lepas ni xde alasan lagi, abg balik keje satu jam boley request roti canai ok.
Mrs aren(my answer): Boleyyy....tunggu I bukak kedai mamak la eh..which is impossible because I am not a mamak..huahuahuhaua..roti canai segera mahu??!

***Mamak, roti canai une!Teh tarik une!


dilla nazri May 21, 2012 at 7:52 AM

Hahaha jom g mamak safiah..

Nazariah May 21, 2012 at 9:36 AM

Tgk master chef aus heh mlm td. best giler murtabak leh jd best dish...ehee...mesti sedap manly tu buat yg teringin ni...hihi..

DiLLaiLa May 21, 2012 at 9:51 AM

dilla: jommm!!tapi sebenarnye aku lagi suke layan roti sardin kat Restoran Noor. fuhhh sedapnye..

kak naza: aik, akak dah layan tv sini dah sekarang?hehe malam tadi saye tertengok je..sebab arin tgk..saye kat dapur..:D