Gastric flu

It has been a week(or two?ermm) but I am still down with gastric flu. But wait...I never had gastric flu before, so actually I am only guessing. Hehehehe..Please please don't be mad at me.

It all started last Friday, I mean 2 weeks ago. I felt so hurt on the left part of my stomach. If I could scream I'll scream. But I couldn't. And I know it won't help at all anyway. Then I felt dizzy and felt like to vomit. But I didn't and thanks to God it happened at night, it was Sufia's bed time, so I got time to rest on my bed.  I would love to ask anyone if it was a gastric flu. But, who should I ask? Leaving the question on Facebook wall wasn't a good option. I really don't want to invite any speculation that I am being pregnant again. Oh! I am so sick of it. Of course I want another baby, but by God will, I wish to wait until we are back for good. We didn't have any plan to have the second one here, please understand. =.=' OK, back to the main topic.

And the worse day was Monday last week. I went to Uni as usual. The only different was I was fasting on that day(hehe puasa ganti). Then, I felt the same again. But this time, the pain wasn't really as bad as before. Only that I couldn't stand the wind in my stomach. And I felt like the whole room was spinning. I really don't want to waste my half day efforts not taking any food and drinks so I just hold the pain till Maghrib. What I did was, I try to sleep. Hehe of course you know how we sleep on a working table right? And until today, I can still feel the pain though not as bad as before.

What do you think?Is it really a gastric flu?Should I go to the doctor and seek for help?I really don't want to think too much about it, but now it already disturbing my daily life =.='

***Haishh if only I have a doctor friend. I'll ask for free consultation. Huuu


Daria Moe May 16, 2012 at 12:30 PM

gi cek ila, just in case it's appendicitis. :( altho appendix kanan, but nurul ada kawan yg stat sakit belah kiri.. n allover perut then start muntah2

Nazariah May 16, 2012 at 12:35 PM

Tak tahu lah ek gastrik ke x, tp akak kalau lmbt mkn nasi,mmg rasa perut masuk angin, pastu sedawa, pening kepala, rasa nak muntah...membawa ke sakit blkg bdn...huh, mmg tak bestnya rasa. tp kalau dah 2 mggu sakit mcm bahaya plak la...

Lg satu, biasalah la...xde ank org tanya...dah ada ank satu, tanya bila nk tmbh..adeh, mmg penat nk jwb...

@naAzli May 16, 2012 at 3:12 PM

dilla, gi la chek dulu. aku pun penah kene simptom macam ni dekat seminggu, doctor cakap sebab aku ni aku skip2 waktu makan, makan tak proper...hampir macam gastik ,tp die panggil ape ek...kite perut kite keluarkan banyak asid ,tp tak dapat nak dineutralkan , tu yg kite akan rasa sakit sgt bhgn antara perut dgn dada..Ko kene gi jmpe doctor, atau ambik ubat putih tu. berlarutan akan jadi gastrik yg berulang....

DiLLaiLa May 17, 2012 at 11:11 AM

Hihihi..rasenye I monitor dululah 2 3 hari ni sakit perut lg x..and jage makan gak...xmo makan pedas2 dulu..kalau x OK baru lah pegi klinik ek..haishh malasnye nak gi klinik sbnrnye..