Clever little girl

Sufia has been really imaginative recently. She could makes stories out of any things she saw and she could thought of. Well yes, her vocabularies are still quite limited. She still can't make correct sentences when expressing something. But, there will always something interesting every time she speak her mind. She has been very very talkative since the past few weeks and sometimes I had to say, "Shhhh, quite please" if I were to tired to listen to her story. haha a bad mummy I am :D

so, today we just spent our time at home. did the cleaning job. the washing. and did some more packing since the date to ship our belongings has been fixed to the 1st of October. That means we only have a few weeks left, and we better hurry. I must say almost 90% has been safely packed. But we still need a few empty boxes to pack the remaining items.

Back to Sufia's story.  Just like her mouth has been actively talking recently, so do her IQ and EQ. hehe she loves to involve in everything we do. For example, if I were washing the dish, she did the same at her own playkitchen. When I cleaned the bench, she asked for her own napkin to help me wiped the door cabinets, etc. Sometimes she will say ibu tidy up room. Means that she wants to tidy up the room together with ibu. She also had noticed that I will looked differently whenever she made me sad.

So, today she's been helping her daddy(yes, sometimes she loves to say mummy and daddy instead of ayah and ibu when she's making up stories) to pack our TV. Still too early to pack the TV isn't it? But, no that is fine. I haven't watch any of the TV show recently, so why not we just pack it earlier.

[row row row your boat]
At that time, I was cooking and didn't really bother about both of them. I heard she said, "I wanna make boats". I just ignored her as she looked as happy and don't want to be disturbed by anyone. Only a few hours later, when the big boy and the little girl were having the afternoon sleep(well I didn't apparently, as I am writing this) I realized that she wasn't just talking about the boats. She really made the boats! Using the unused polystyrene from the TV box. How could she possibly imagine about boats from this 'rubbish'. She manage to relate the shape of the polystyrene thingy with the boat shape and making them into ones.

Kids are amazing. Yes, they are! They can think beyond our imagination. And I am amazed!

***Sufia my little sunshine.