Bottle weaning

Everything is so sudden. I decided to wean Sufia from her bottle immediately. I don't wanna wait anymore. Because it is getting worse each day. She kept requesting for milk during unnecessary periods. She has never been like this before. We always follow the right schedule. To make sure she eat enough and drink enough. It obviously weren't giving any good to her. She needs food more than milk now. But if she take to much milk, then when is she going to take the food? So, that's it!

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For a start, I cut through the bottle tits and showed it to her. She was like blurring, and she said "O dear". she didn't know what to say. Just a little bit shocked. And then after almost 5 minutes she said, "Its broken. Hmmmm. OK we go shopping, bottle and milk". She knew we can get the replacement easily from the shop! But, I try my very best to make her understand that she is a big girl and can always use the cup whenever she wants milk. "OK, put the bottle in the bin", she said.

Whats the most important now is to separate her from the bottle. Then I'll think of how to make her finish the milk from the cup.

The next schedule for her milk is around one or two hour from now. So, I'll see if she can accept the fact that she won't be using bottle anymore. Hopefully, after 3 or 4 days she will completely forget about it . Ameen. Most importantly, I am expecting a huge chaos every morning within this week! So, we have to keep calm! I have no intention to stop giving milk, milk is good if taken in correct quantity. So, milk for Sufia, but not the bottle... :)

***Poor Sufia. But there is nothing to do. She needs to grow up!Wish me luck dearies!

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Ira September 30, 2013 at 7:27 PM

Good luck dilla.
Pandainya sufia.. hehe..
Tau dia ek, da rosak, beli baru :)