It is official

I think I spent too much time on Facebook recently. Really. And that really worries me. I should concentrate more on my works and cannot let myself distracted. I think FB is not my playfield anymore for my age. I should rather spend my time on my work, my research and my thesis. And do something good. Recite Quran etc.

It is official. I am going to leave FB for a while. I don't have the password anymore. I have changed it to something that I don't even know. Maybe I'll log in again later but not so soon. I'll wait until I am ready. Finish the job etc. And I am currently doing the programming again. I should focus on it, like, really really focus.

So, till we meet again on facebook. I am still here anyway. Any photos or any of my thought I will share it here. I think it is better since it will be less harmful to the audience since there aren't to many audience here. Haha.

Moving towards a better me.

***So long...