Please say it wasnt real

Another gloomy day in Melbourne. It is raining since early this morning. Seems like the nature is empathizing what had happened.

I woke up today, wishing that whatever I have talked with my friend last night were all not true. Were all just stupid mistakes that only happened in TV shows. Wishing that was not happening to one of my closest friends. Wishing that everything were just bad dreams.I woke up. Gazing at  the clock.It was ticking. And I know it was not a dream. It was all true. And I have to accept. Pretty hard to digest everything all in once. It is not my burden. But I am feeling it too.  Its all beyond whatever my friends and I think of.

I pray for her. I pray for her best. InsyaAllah she will overcome all these conjecture with ease.

*** 'Rain' please go away..