Morning train

I was at La Trobe Uni city campus this morning. There was a conference I had to attend. Registration was at 8am, so obviously I had to catch a train. What??you expect me to drive my own car to the city?No way! Huhuhu...

So basically today is my first time to catch very very early train to work. Never. Not even once. Not even in Msia. hehe because I work in Batu Pahat yang indah permai and don't have to worry too much about getting late to work cause by the traffic jam. Of course I had ride train before, but not this early, friend.

Today, I finally learned how I(or you) should carry myself and to adapt with the morning-train-chaos.hehehe please call me j*kun. I don't mind at all :D

1) Once you swipe the card, do not dream to choose where you should stand while waiting for the arrival of the train. Just stand anywhere you could, or possible, or where people push you. Because there won't be much space left in the crowd. It was 'pack' like a sardine in tin.

2) Once entering the train, sit anywhere you think available. Don't be too picky, or else you have to exercise your feet(berdiri la kau situ) for 45min-1hour.

3) Keluar saja dari train. Go straight. I mean, keep moving do not stop or slow down. People moved very fast. Like everyone had big toilet issue. hehehe..once you slow down, people behind you might have to do their emergency brake, then look at you, saying 'o dear', sambil geleng2 kepala (you know what I mean?)

4) Using escalator out of the train station building  also quite crucial . Not so many people will just stand quietly while the escalator moved up/down. So, if you are one lazy person(like me) who don't like to waste your sweat hehehhe, make sure you stand on the left side of the escalator, give some space for other people to climb the 'stairs'.

5) Keep moving at least 50meter away from the station. Now it is safe to slow down or stop if happened that you are lost or have to check you map or even GPS. Hehehehehe

macam tu rupenye org duduk kat bandar go to work kan?

***org kampung masuk bandar.



Ira September 27, 2012 at 11:36 AM

Kat malaysia pun cam tu dilla, bahkan lagi teruk..

liza September 28, 2012 at 12:49 AM

Sambil baca, sambil imagine. Mcm sll tgk dlm crita jepun.. Huhu

Nazariah September 28, 2012 at 11:58 AM

Dulu masa akak dok KL, pernah naik train dari rumah makcik dr cheras nk ke uni..mmg ramai org sgt, dah la kena tukar train. Mmg jln kena laju dan rasa mcm berasak2 gitu. Itu dah 10 thn yg lalu, kalau sekrg lg teruk gaknya.

DiLLaiLa October 4, 2012 at 3:42 PM

tula pasal.sampai sakit2 kaki aku dibuatnye nak ikut rentak diorang jalan laju tu..jalan slow kang kena sondol pulak ekekkee...keluar dari train semua hitammm je baju.almaklumlah sume pakai coat..;p