A reward for myself

Today I attended another conference and presented my paper.  Nothing fancy but at least I got something.

I can feel that I am much confident this time compared to my previous conferences. So, on the way back at the train station, I bought something for myself. A small reward. This time, I really just choose and pay, and walk away without thinking of my husband or even my darling daughter.  Haha it has been a while I never act this way. Usually when we go shopping, I will always save the money to buy something for my anak 1st.anak is always the priority now. hehhee and then only I will think about myself. Usually I will get something for myself only with my husband present. It is his money anyway :)

So, I wanna share what I got today. taraaaa...a cute coin purse for ibu. a cute purple coin purse.

I love it too much. But, when I think about it again. It is actually not that cute.hahhahahahha..and not really worth for the money. dangg!! :p whatever it is, the colour is purple, it is my favorite colour. so yeahh who cares whether it is cute or not??! heh



Nurrul Mohamad July 19, 2013 at 7:36 PM

alhamdulillah, bes nya ila dah byk present. nurul baruk satu, tu pun no weight punya seminar (sbb only for malaysians in japan seminar). n just a poster..

DiLLaiLa July 19, 2013 at 8:08 PM

takpe nurul..masih ada masa lagi insyaAllah...kita pon dah banyak kali give up and tanak teruskan..tapi bertahan je lah..nurul tulis je apa2 yang rasa boleh jadi contribution k..insyaAllah lama2 boleh jadi paper.