After a month

After a month, we finally have a meeting today. I am a type of person, that prefer to focus doing my work at home an then show the output to SV. I don't like it when I met him I have nothing in my hands.

So, after a month we have a meeting today. Discussing about my thesis. And the recent paper that I finished writing. We talk about submitting the paper to a journal. Any journal but the minimum is B journal. That's OK. I didn't expect to pass the study with flying colours. I never expect that. As I am still not good in research. Even in my fourth years of study.

So conclusions from the meeting. He said, one more experiment and you are good to go. Then I can concentrate fully on the thesis writing. I will do, what ever it takes to complete the thesis. I will. Because I will submit my thesis. I am at the end of it. I am almost there.

Guess what?? I almost cry when he said that. Tak sangka! Walaupun. Walaupun I still havent finish the experiment but at least I know when I can stop with all these. Allah.

Ya Allah, kau berikan aku kekuatan mental dan fizikal ya Allah untuk aku pulun semuanya. Ya Allah kau pinjamkanlah sekelumit dari ilmuMu yang tiada penghujungnya kepada hambamu yang kerdil ini. Sesungguhnya aku tak layak untuk meminta2 darimu tapi hanya padamu aku memohon dan berharap. Bantulah aku ya Allah. Berilah aku idea2 yang baik untuk aku selesaikan experiment ini dan lancarkanlah penulisan thesisku yang masih tergantung ini. Ya Allah, berkat bulan Ramadan ini, bantulah hambamu ini Ya Allah.

Kawan2 doakanlah aku ye..aku ingin pulang dengan sesuatu.

***towards the end.


Nurrul Mohamad July 19, 2013 at 7:33 PM


ila, doa tu sama bunyi nya ngan doa nurul time pas smayang. 3rd yr but still rasa nothing. :|

nway, bole ila pm kat FB which journal yg considered B journals?

DiLLaiLa July 19, 2013 at 8:09 PM

ok nurul kita dah send ke fb ek..:)