Big challenge

Remember in the previous post I mentioned about a journal paper? Did I mention that?Didn't I?

OK. I have prepared a paper. Well actually at first I am targeting to submit the paper to another conference. Hopefully the conference will include the paper into any journal. Any journal could be. I don't mind at all. As long as it is a journal. Even if it is a 'cheap' one.

BUT, my SV said, you are in the fourth year now and there is NO POINT for you to have another conference paper if you still don't have a journal. So, I want you to submit it to an establish journal. OK that's fine.

BUT, the thing is we plan to submit it before middle of August, which means I only got about 2 weeks to make a big improvement on the paper plus the proofreading. That is a BIG CHALLENGE for me. Will I manage to do it? We will see..

I will write here again about the journal in two weeks time.Wish me luck!



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