I am a Javanese girl.. everyone knows that. In fact, some of my friends called me Dilla Jawa to differentiate between me and my friends with the same name. Yes, I have quite a few friends name Dilla. Pretty awkward at first, but it was fun! hehe we still have good relationship until today and tease each other on FB (oh this is one of the reason why I keep my FB account with me, to get connected with my old friends)

OK back to the Jawa topic. I have to admit that my language is not as important now compare to during my moms or my grandparents centuries. In most places in Johor, we converse in Malay at home, at school, among the families and people used our language less and less everyday. But, for older people like my mom, they still feel comfortable to converse among them, and not with us. If we have a chat during tea time or evening time while watching TV, they usually switch the language accordingly depending on whom she is talking to. haha see, that is why young people like us do not bother to learn or even practice our language in our own family.

What ever it is, I feel so so blessed because God still give me the skill to speak the language. Should I make a "show-off" statement here? I would say, among our siblings, my sisters and brothers, I think I can talk  most fluently compared to them, in the language of course. I talk much more naturally and at least I pronounce the word in less awkward way compared to them. Even my big brother has lost too many Javanese words already. Hahhahahhaa sorry, but thats a fact :p

Why am I talking about Jawa today? Hehehe just because we had a little conversation last night, between me and my friend in Jawa! Well, actually I didn't contribute much in the conversation as I was too sleepy. But still, I find it funny for young people like us to write in totally different language and I bet even my Malay friends won't understand anything from the conversation. Eh! Did I say funny? No, I suppose to say, I am proud of that!