Our Iftar today

Alhamdulillah now we are entering the 12th day of Ramadan. So how was everything? For me, Alhamdulillah so far I don't have any problem doing the ibadah this year. Alhamdulillah..

Usually we only take rice with the dishes from the previous night for iftar. hehhee that is how we do it almost everyday. I cook some food at night, then we will have the same food for sahr and iftar. Well I don't have too much time to be spent the kitchen, plus, ince' aren won't be at home in the afternoon. So, everyday is a lonely iftar for me. There is no point I cook something just for iftar if it is just for myself. It won't be fun at all.

Today I requested ince' aren to get foods from Bazaar Ramadan a.k.a PARAM. heheh I told him, I am too tired this week and I really need to get a day off from the kitchen. As always, he understands me, he really is a good man. O Allah bless him. This is the first time we go to the bazaar Ramadan this year. So, everything looked too tempting to us. But we tried our best to control our nafsu hehe. Luckily I only brought my coins purse to the bazaar. We had around $20 in that purse. And we finished them all! OK there were still some more in the purse, but only 10c and 20c.. :p Hahahha

So, these are basically what we have today:
1. Nasi sambal goreng x2 = $12
2. Kuih muih = $3
3. Murtabak = $5
Altogether is $18

And then ince' requested pulut serawa durian. and I agree to cook it. It is an easy dessert so I don't have a problem with that at all. But, let me tell you, the cost for pulut durian is more that the main course!Astaghfirullah what a waste. huuu but we really miss durian too much. So, this is cost for pulut durian:
1. Durian 1.3kg(6 ulas) = $23 <--Musang King from Malaysia
2. Coconut milk = $1.30
3. Glutinous rice, sugar, red sugar = $3(approx)
Altogether is $27.30

That means we spent $45.30 for our iftar today. SubhanAllah.. too much right? Yes, too much indeed.huk ;( now I am bloated already and it make me too lazy too move. I better perform the Isha' and Tawarikh prayer now before it is too late.


***Mata pon dah berat