Late birthday celebration

We were having a small birthday party for Sufia at her school yesterday. Though it was only a simple party, yet it was fun. Haha the funny thing was, Sufia was blur and seems like she had no idea with what was going on! Until we get home, and she watched herself in the video, she actually was so excited. She even told me that teacher asked her to blow the candle and she showed to me how she did it. Hehehe funny little girl she is.

I am so happy everyone enjoy the cake. All the teachers said that the cake was so yummy and beautifully made. I ordered for Sufia her favourite character cake which is Upsy Daisy. And I myself felt in love with the cake. It was a lovely cake indeed! And yummy too...yummmm

[the cake!]

[muke control hehe]

[with her teachers and friends]

***smile :)